Is your business ready to deal with Swine Influenza?

With the breaking news of swine flu bringing major concern to many businesses around the world, what steps should Risk Managers be taking in order to ensure that their Business Continuity Plans are sufficient to deal with this potential issue?

Inevitably there will be questions as to whether the outbreak will take hold in cities and towns that you operate in and from and the number of people that could be affected. But the immediate concern for you should be to ensure adequate plans have been developed and to quickly assess whether previous pandemic planning efforts had any real effectiveness.

JLT recommends that businesses ask themselves whether the following five aspects are in place, up-to-date and ready to go:-

1. Identified crisis management group and contact cascade system

2. Communications and monitoring locally and through the World Health Organisation preparedness phases

3. Human Resources / Health & Safety / Travel / Meetings policy and immediate implementation activities

4. Business critical activities identified and minimum staffing levels, isolation needs and home working capability established

5. Pandemic plan that ratchets up through the World Health Organisation preparedness phases

Tim Cracknell, Partner of Jardine Lloyd Thompson's Global Risk Solutions division says, "We strongly believe that plans need to be practical, action orientated and easy to use under crisis conditions, yet need to be flexible enough to enable management to respond to specific circumstances. We also hold a fundamental view that pandemic planning activity should be undertaken using a strategic approach and have in sight effective deliverables for quick results".

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