Pension Consulting

We can give professional advice on scheme design, funding, investment, and communication.

The pension consulting service includes the following:

  • Assessment of your scheme's design, benefit levels, compliance, costs and deliverables.
  • Assessment of your administrative facilities, including your communication with members, payroll requirements, tax and regulatory paperwork, financial management, and reporting.
  • Advice on investment methods and strategies, the replacement of fund managers, review policies, and the development of a Statement of Investment Principles.
  • Ensuring that trustees benefit from a seamless and transparent investment strategy.
  • The checking of regulatory compliance.
  • Full actuarial valuations, reviews, funding overviews, and attendance at relevant trustee meetings.
  • Checking your communication with members and legislative authorities, and the monitoring of documentation for compliance.
  • The provision of services in connection with scheme wind-up or discontinuance.

Our solutions for pension management are cost effective and efficient and we can design programmes to suit any size of company and any kind of scheme, from an extensive turnkey project to schemes where all that is required is advice on legislative issues.

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Managing Director

JLT Employee Benefits
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