JLT Benefit Solutions Ltd Launch ETV Management Service

- A Dedicated Independent Team with No Impact on Day-to-day Scheme Administration


20th August 2009, London: JLT Benefit Solutions Ltd (JLT) has launched a new Administration Service for Enhanced Transfer Value (ETV) exercises.

JLT has responded to the growing number of Enhanced Transfer Value and other pensions exchange exercises with a management service for schemes. These exercises can be highly burdensome on existing resources and often require additional resources and skills.

Malcolm Reynolds, Commercial Director, JLT, says "It makes sense to keep an ETV and other exchange exercises separate from the day to day administration of the scheme. It means the current administration team remain focused on business as usual, whilst an independent team can drive a successful ETV, providing members with a positive experience through effective communciation as well as providing the employer with key Management Information and support".

The JLT service includes:

  • Project management
  • Process administration
  • IFA services
  • Call-handling and member support
  • Communications
  • On-line facilities.

Mark Adamson, Client Director, JLT, says "JLT has run many ETV exercises for major schemes who are not JLT clients, the services above can be tailored to specific scheme requirements, making the process straightforward and easy to execute".

Malcolm Reynolds concludes, "Now is a good time for schemes to consider reducing liabilities and de risking, and an ETV or other pensions exchange exercise is an effective way to do this. Run successfully this process can be beneficial for both members and the scheme".



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Editor's Notes:

About JLT Benefit Solutions Limited

JLT Benefit Solutions Limited (JLT) is one of the UK's leading employee benefit providers offering a wide range of benefit and pension services, including administration, actuarial and pension consultancy, investment, wealth management, Self Invested Personal Pensions (SIPPs), Small Self Administered Schemes (SSASs) flexible benefits, healthcare, benefit communciation and financial education.

Authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority, JLT employs over 1000 professional staff in 11 offices in the UK with revenues of some £87.6m. JLT supplies the pension administration for over 1 million members, paying £750m in pensions every year. Through its Healthcare businesses JLT places cover for a ¼ million people each year.

Other pensions and employee benefits companies within the JLT group of companies include: Profund Solutions Limited, Independent Trustee Services Limited and Pension Capital Strategies Limited.

JLT Benefit Solutions Ltd is part of Jardine Lloyd Thompson Group plc. As well as being a major provider of employee benefits services and related consultancy advice the Jardine Lloyd Thompson Group of companies is a leading risk management adviser, insurance and reinsurance broker.

Jardine Lloyd Thompson Group plc is quoted on the London Stock Exchange and is the largest European-headquartered company providing these services and is one of the largest firms of its type in the world. It operates out of more than 120 offices in over 36 countries and employs more than 5500 personnel.


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