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In the constantly evolving world of Employee Benefits, employers, trustees and financial directors find themselves spending increasing amounts of time and money fulfilling corresponding legislative and regulatory obligations. And they must keep abreast of a growing array of employee benefits to attract new staff and address the changing needs of their existing staff. It goes without saying therefore that any Employee Benefits programme must be well planned, properly controlled, efficient, cost effective and individually tailored to the needs of your business.

We can help.

At your service - a single source of resources

We are one of the UK's leading Employee Benefits providers, and offers a single, centralised source for your pension and benefit requirements, offering a broad range of solutions to help you meet your business objectives as well as satisfying your employees' needs.

Made to measure, not off the shelf

Legislation and regulations apply to all, but affect organisations in different ways. And benefit requirements vary so greatly from one company to another that each needs special consideration. This is where JLT fits in, by using our extensive knowledge of rules and regulatory instruments to ensure you fully comply with the law. And just as importantly, we can make sure your portfolio of benefit packages is just right for you.

Preparing for Auto-enrolment

PREPARING FOR AUTO-ENROLMENTMark Pemberthy, Director, JLT Employee Benefits, speaks to Laura Blows, Editor of Pensions Age about the ways companies can start preparing for Auto Enrolment.

JLT 250 Club Survey Results

The seventh in the series of surveys from the JLT 250 Club1 considers the implications for State, public and workplace pensions if Scotland separates from the rest of the UK (R of UK).

With less than one year until the referendum, the independence debate has begun in earnest. Scotland’s First Minister, Alex Salmond, launched his party’s 670 page blueprint for an independent Scotland on 26 November.

Eight survey - June 2014
The impact on auto-enrolment on benefit delivery

Seventh survey - February 2014
Implication for pensions if Scotland becomes independent

Sixth survey - July 2013
Defined Contribution pension scheme governance

Fifth survey part 2 - February 2013
Defined Benefit scheme funding and the funding regime

Fifth survey part 1 - February 2013
'Auto-enrolment' scheme selection, contribution and charges

Fourth survey - November 2012
The role of technology in the provision and management of employee benefits

Third survey - April 2012
Risk sharing and liability management exercises

Second survey - January 2012
Defined Contribution pension schemes in the workplace

First survey - July 2011

Auto-enrolment & NEST 

Auto-Enrolment & NESTAt JLT Benefit Solutions Limited we are committed to guiding you through your auto-enrolment journey.

Our dedicated website, www.jltautoenrolment.com , provides all the information employers need to meet the challenges and opportunities that auto-enrolment brings.