Originating in 1985 as an independent trustee company, Premier Pension Services has established itself as one of the leading providers of services to both SSAS and SIPP clients and their IFAs within the UK.

Clients and their advisers have a wide choice of providers to select from when establishing a SIPP or SSAS as the suitable retirement planning option. So what distinguishes Premier Pension Services from the rest? Premier is a non-volume provider being very much a niche operator based around:

  • The client and IFA that wants to explore the investment flexibility of self-invested pensions more fully than the more restricted packaged products
  • Availability of experienced staff offering a portfolio management service so that one person is responsible for your scheme
  • Quality service and support including regional consultants that will work with the IFA and their client
  • Innovation and working to accommodate the full value of self-invested pensions
  • Working with IFAs and employers to design and deliver Group SIPP, offering added value and flexibility to the employment options of senior executives
  • And of course you can access your SIPP or SSAS investment account for online valuations with your appointed fund managers. These facilities can include trading online where available.

We believe in a culture where long-lasting client relationships and first class client service is central. Our aim is to form a relationship of understanding, trust and collaboration and through this relationship we work with you to help your clients realise their financial goals.

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