Investment Management

How do we manage your portfolios?

JLT Investment Management offers a discretionary investment management service (DMS).  Under the DMS your investment objectives and attitude to risk are established, then the investment strategy is delegated to one of our highly experienced Investment Managers who will then manage the portfolio on a day to day basis.

Under the DMS the Investment Manager is authorised to make changes to the portfolio as and when require, without having to refer back to you.  This enables us to take a proactive stance in managing your investments, capitalising on opportunities as they arise and reacting to market conditions swiftly.

Whilst we would stress that changes are only ever made to portfolios where it is in your best interests, and then always with your objectives in mind, it is firmly our view that proactive investment management offers the potential for superior returns to a passively held portfolio.

Our approach to investment management is to concentrate on collective investment schemes, which we feel can help reduce investment risk through effective diversification.  The universe of around 3,000 available schemes is researched and reviewed by our team of investment analysts, with the best being put forward for inclusion on our clients' portfolios, in line with the established investment strategy.

Investment Strategy

We carry out extensive research of finds we use and have a dedicated team based at our Exeter office.

The portfolios are generally driven by asset allocation.  Once our general investment strategy has been agreed by the committee and the asset allocation set, the research team screen the universe of available collective investment vehicles to identify those funds that best match our objectives.

Our objective is to increase your wealth by managing your portfolios with an 'absolute return' mentality and an active approach to asset allocation.

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